About Us

About Us


I am a public school teacher and passionate about fashion research. My daughter is majoring in fashion design at a local university, and we decided to use our respective experiences to search for quality and affordable women’s clothing from our local clothing market for sale online!

I have spent a lot of time since I was young searching for and buying clothes and have a lot of experience coordinating outfits with many different styles, so now I am determined to share my fashion “taste” with all women. I’m just a middle-aged mom who never wants to dress “old” and doesn’t want others to dress like that either!

We established a small private company as a business milestone and because of the seriousness of the work we are doing.

Dream big and stay young!

You can contact us via:

Email: [email protected]


We invite you to visit our small office at:


Office Address: 1000 Sutton PL Apt 1614, Horn Lake, MS 38637, United States.

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